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If you are working and taking care of a sick, disabled or aging loved one, you need help to navigate a dysfunctional healthcare system and manage the responsibilities of caregiving. A caregiver is more than a good spouse, child or friend. They save the healthcare and long-term care systems over $470 billion per year. We NEED them, or those systems will collapse. 

Caregiving is HARD. Yet tens of millions of people do it every single day. It’s being called a public health crisis. On top of that, you’ve got work, family and other huge responsibilities! You barely have time for a shower, much less a healthcare or caregiving crisis.

I’m Tiffany, Your Healthcare BFF. I am here to assist you with managing healthcare & caregiving responsibilities. You are already working, have a family or otherwise don’t have a lot of time on your hands to handle healthcare and caregiving. I can assist you or handle the entire situation for you. 



How can PACE help you?


I want to help you get through a difficult diagnosis.

I want to help you take care of a sick, disabled or aging loved one.

I want to help you solve your healthcare or caregiving issues.

I want to prepare you for healthcare interactions and empower you to get the best care possible.

I’ll offer private, independent concierge services to manage your healthcare or caregiving issues.

We can discuss your circumstances and I can be your contact to help you. It all starts with a FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss your unique situation. I hope to prevent other families from going through what mine did, when all my family was trying to do was accept our matriarch’s impending death. The “business of healthcare” prevented that. READ MY STORY HERE.

Busy professionals need help in managing the details and time that healthcare and caregiving demand…there are things that can fall through the cracks.

Why Do I Do This Work?

I do it in honor of my Gram and because she’s watching over me…RIP Elnora Farmer. I love you beyond all measure.

I also do this because the need for healthcare equity and equality is essential, yet not a reality for all patients. Family caregivers are largely ignored in the healthcare system when they are extremely valuable to proper patient care. I witnessed the ravages of caregiving in my family, and family caregivers need help.  After over 25 years in social work and healthcare, I know patients and caregivers deserve more from healthcare and long-term care systems. And I must be a part of it. LEARN MORE HERE.

Who does PACE serve?

Family Caregivers!

Are you on this list?
 PACE Services are for working family caregivers who:

  • Are extremely short on time
  • Care for patients diagnosed with a new or existing illness
  • Are Adult children of senior parents helping with healthcare or caregiving 
  • Are Moms of sick or disabled children 
  • Are stressed about caregiving 
  • Have other family, financial, social and/or work obligations
  • Have a healthcare or caregiving crisis 
  • Want help with getting the best care & treatment possible for themselves or someone they love 
  • Do not have time to help their loved ones’ healthcare or caregiving situation, even though they really want to 
  • Need help managing an illness or condition 
  • Are getting ready for a surgery and/or hospital stay 
  • Are long-distance or that have placed their loved one in facility 
  • Need help with appointments 
  • Need to place their loved one in a skilled nursing facility 

Every caregiver needs to learn self-advocacy and increase their health literacy in the healthcare system in order to get the best care available for themselves and those they care for…while saving time & money, of course! 

Photo by Ariele Bonte